Treated like a child!

A few years back I was working in an outstanding school, with outstanding grades and exceptional pressures to have outstanding lessons! At the time I was Head of Department and there would be surprise Learning Area Reviews occur during

Three things I did to beat anxiety

The following three strategies have helped me immensely over the years: 1. Practise Mindfulness 2. Recognise unhelpful thinking patterns 3. Set rules for yourself Example 1: I’m not allowed to worry about something for which I have no evidence

Is it unethical or just modern education?

I had been a SLT member in a school for the last few years. My results and the results of the departments I lined managed were fantastic. There has never been any issues regarding my performance at the school.

5 things that will help teacher retention

Geoff Barton is general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders. According to him their are 5 quick fixes to the teacher retention crisis. 1. The government could make it easier to recruit teachers from non-EU countries. 2.

Be inspired and become resilient

  I hope you watched the above clip. Jeremy lost his sight, but he didn’t give up on golf. Now, he is a champion. I believe he is an inspiration to all. It shows how resilient he is. He

Where are you going?

You see a stranger wondering around the streets and you ask him, Where are you going?” The stranger replies, “Don’t know.” This persons lacks direction, has no goals and is lost. Now look at your own life. Take a step

What are you going to try out?

Learning new skills or knowledge can be useful in our everyday lives but it actually improves our well being too. When we learn new things we become self confident and our self esteem grows which contributes to us feeling good