Where are you going?

You see a stranger wondering around the streets and you ask him, Where are you going?” The stranger replies, “Don’t know.” This persons lacks direction, has no goals and is lost. Now look at your own life. Take a step

What are you going to try out?

Learning new skills or knowledge can be useful in our everyday lives but it actually improves our well being too. When we learn new things we become self confident and our self esteem grows which contributes to us feeling good


I hate exercise. I find it a drag but once I start it’s great. Also, being a teacher is a stressful job for most. Therefore, taking up exercise will help lead a balance and happier life. There are many benefits

Relate and Talk

To become happier in life it is important that we relate with others. Humans after all are social beings.  Unfortunately with technology e.g. smartphones and social media e.g. Facebook and Instagram and our busy work lives we are socialising less

Give and become happier!

Giving will make us happier. It is a human instinct to give and wealth will help us fulfil our needs and wants but in itself will not give us true happiness until we give. Therefore, giving will give us a


First week back at school for most of us. And it was hectic. Getting the classroom ready, getting our lessons ready, getting the data analysis done for results, getting ready for all the new initiatives that leadership want to introduce

Overcome the End of Holiday Blues

One of the benefits of teaching are the holidays and the summer holidays are the only real holiday that I enjoyed as a teacher. It was the one time in the year when I was able to switch off from

‘All aboard the rollercoaster’

As A-level results day and GCSE results day approach, one former teacher reflects on how a bad set of grades led to him leaving the classroom. It’s been more than a decade since I began teaching, and although the education