Is it unethical or just modern education?

I had been a SLT member in a school for the last few years. My results and the results of the departments I lined managed were fantastic. There has never been any issues regarding my performance at the school.

Over the summer holidays I had to have a hernia operation. This meant I ended up taking the first half term back in September off to recover. I returned back after half term where I was totally ignored by the Headteacher. He is known to have very poor human skills so his behaviour wasn’t surprising!

A day later I receive a letter informing me that I  and 2 other SLT will have to re-apply for our jobs as the school is restructuring the senior management team. So there was 2 jobs and 3 candidates. That is when it hit me that my days were numbered.  Anyway I re-applied for the post knowing that I will not get it and be made redundant and guess what… that is exactly what happened.

I was told that I had been unsuccessful and will be leaving in December. A few hours after being told this one of the Deputy Headteachers comes to my office and tells me sternly to gather my belongings as I will be going on gardening leave until the end of December. I was shocked and gather my belongings. As I was leaving I joked to reduce the tension with the Deputy Headteacher who I had worked closely over the last few years, “Can I take the umbrella?” She assertively replied, “No… it’s school property.”

A few days later I received an email telling me that as I was being paid until the end of term the following admin jobs need to be done by so and so date. I guess I am getting paid so I thought the morally right thing was to do the tasks set to the best of my ability.

I am glad to be out of this place and am taking some time out to decide what to do with my future. But what I have learnt is that school’s are run like businesses and when I didn’t turn up in September my responsibilities were  distributed amongst the SLT and the Headteacher realised that he can make large saving on downsizing his SLT team. Unfortunately I got the short straw.

Some may argue that me losing my job was unethical and how poorly I was treated and others such as the Headteacher may argue that he done the ethical thing by saving a large amount of tax payers money. Personally, yes I was upset but believe something better is in store for me in the future.

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