Be inspired and become resilient


I hope you watched the above clip. Jeremy lost his sight, but he didn’t give up on golf. Now, he is a champion. I believe he is an inspiration to all.

It shows how resilient he is. He bounced back after a great set back of becoming blind.

How can we become resilient as teachers?

We have set backs all the time. Exam results may not have been great, having a poor lesson observation, being told our books are not being marked according to school policy, students behaving poorly in our lessons, being bullied by SLT and the list goes on.

We can build resilience in ourselves by:

– Finding ways to bounce back (we know ourselves better anyone else)

– Allow time to process sadness, grief or loss

– Carry out breathing exercises/ learn to meditate

– Talk to people that we trust such as family and friends

– Remember the blessings one has e.g. family, being employed etc.

Please add any other ideas you have on how we can become more resilient in the comment box below… much appreciated.

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