Want to Leave Teaching – What is the first thing I should do?!


If you are looking to seriously get out of teaching you need to give 45 minutes of your life for this… update your CV. In education CVs are not important but this document can be your ticket out of teaching.

Once you have a CV, upload it to a CV agency and the recruiters will come to you!

I recommend signing up for:

This serves two purposes.

  1. You can continue your job search whilst recruiters approach you.
  2. You can see the sort of roles recruiters are considering you for.

If you are getting lots of offers that are teaching based, you haven’t been specific enough within your opening statement on the CV. You need to have a look at your opening statement and make changes which indicate intention of leaving the profession or having already left.

E.g.  I have left teaching to do a new job.

Prepare a brief CV that summarises your key transferable skills. Useful points might include:

  • Working with young people
  • Meeting tight deadline
  • Making relationships with a variety of stakeholders (in teaching this is teachers, children, SLT, parents, governors)
  • Planning and delivering curriculum (useful if moving into HR or a training role)
  • Balancing a varied workload
  • Analysing and reporting on data

Why bother writing a CV?

Because it takes so little effort, but the benefit is HUGE! 

If can’t do this you are not ready to leave teaching. This will work away in the background, you will get approached when suitable roles appear and you can say “No, thanks” as many times as you want. But occasionally you might see something that sounds really interesting, and you haven’t had to research at all – the recruiter wants you already!

So, register on the sites suggested above today. Spend 45 minutes polishing your CV (aimed at a general area of expertise) and upload it today

If you want more support – sign up to my course which will give you a step by step guide to breaking out of the profession and in to a new life.

Good Fortunes!