What unnecessary things do you do as a teacher?

Below is an extract of a teachers opinion regarding the school they work in.

One week after half term and it seems like it has already been 3 weeks. The task that needs doing some needed most of it is crap. The list starts here for me:

  • Getting year 11’s ready for mock exams before Christmas but they have still not even finished the content.
  • SLT asking for data of mock predictions.
  • Data on how much homework is done, what is the quality of homework?
  • Data on how clean is the classroom and how clean is the department office?
  • Data on the quality of marking for high ability students, middle ability students and low ability students.
  • And from the pastoral side more forms and spreadsheets to update on what has been done and is being done regarding the poor attendance for students in my form and the list goes on.
  • SLT checking minutes of meetings and if not been done in detail more feedback given on improvements.
  • On top on that continuous learning walks week in week out as according to SLT teachers love the feedback on to improve continuously.

The bureaucracy stinks in the school I work in! No wonder 3 teachers have already left since September and 4 are leaving at Christmas out of 70 teachers that work in the school.


What is is like in your school?

What unnecessary things do you do?

Please share positive stories too!

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